Group Captain Mike Peaker Rtd XV232 Historical input

Thank you for your Historical input for XV 232

I write as an original member of the Nimrod OCU, a Flt Cdr on 203, Sqn Cdr of CXX, and Stn Cdr of Kinloss. I first flew in XV232 on 19 Jan 1969 from St Mawgan on an air test; this must be shortly after she was delivered to 236 OCU. She is in my log book again on 17 Aug 1972 from Luqa on a training exercise. My last flight in her with 203 was with Art Stacey on 1 Oct 1973. By Jun 1981 she had morphed into a MR2 and I flew twice in her in Jun 1981 as CXX converted to the MR2. She took me to Gibraltar in Nov 1981 where we started the first tactical co-operation flights with Buccaneers. But perhaps her most distinguished flight was on 26 Jun 1986 when, with George Morris as Captain and Bill Speight as Flight Engineer, she carried the Duke of Edinburgh from Kinloss to Heathrow and we gave him a demonstration of in-flight refuelling from a Victor and a VC10 en route. The last entry for XV232 in my log book was on 20 Oct 1987.

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