Weekend working 10th April 18

The team was back at Coventry 29 10 16 working on XV 232 focusing on cleaning and other essential maintenance, Gareth was cleaning the port Undercarriage and the wheel bay to remove dirt and grime accumulated over the last few years and Crew Chief Graham was busy working on Flaps, electrical items and other essential systems as well as overseeing the repairs to the unpredictable Houchin that was nursed back to a working condition by Art and Rob, who travelled some considerable distance to help us out! Our big thanks go out to you guys! The result was such that we could get power to the Aircraft and ensure that a number of crucial systems could be tested and repaired. Including a visual test of all the taxi and nav lights (We found 2 blown bulbs on the Aircraft) the red one on the port wingtip, the upper Mad Boom light also, we replaced one, and have a few on order for the rest of the systems. Sandy was on site too to help with our marketing going forward and has put together a nice questionnaire available to view on Facebook as to what you the supporter would like to see us do. Have a look at the latest pictures showing Phi Bandy and Graham re-inflating the nose wheel tyres that were a little on the flat side 10th April 18.




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