Our Nimrod Needs You! Donate, Buy, Support & SAVE!

Nimrod Appeal

Hi All, Sorry to have to post a brazen fund raising type post like this, but a situation has developed where we now need to find the funds for our own groups liability insurance. At such an early stage in our fundraising, this directly impacts our ability to offer the unique experience of offering Passengers onboard engine runs and taxi experiences on a live Nimrod.

If anyone would love to assist us at this time, we need:

  • MEMBERS!!! £15 annual membership includes a newsletter, and only members will be allowed on the aircraft on taxy runs
  • Simple donations via the donate section (PayPal)
  • Merchandise Sales (pay via the donate section, but email crew@xv232.com to confirm your order)
  • Sponsorship – maybe you or your company would like to support us financially, but we can link via our website, or promote your company on our promotional materials
  • Printing – in order to reach as many people as possible, we need to cover the costs for printing leaflets, banners and crew T Shirts to attend air shows and promotional events. Maybe you don’t have the funds, but have the means to provide these for us at reduced cost/FOC.
  • Point of Sale and Stall Items – we need a Gazebo/Marquee, tables, leaflet dispensers, possibly a mannequin/head to display our t shirts and baseball caps. If you know of any being thrown away or that can be donated to us, please contact us?
  • Learning Material and Display- a large chunk of our mission is to educate on just how special XV232 is to the history. Do you have contacts that could provide large display boards, or materials that can add colour, life and an educational aspect to our stall?
  • Displaying Leaflets and Posters – can you help by distributing or displaying our materials? email crew@xv232.com and we can send you the pdf files for printing locally

Your help and support comes with our thanks and gratitude. We want to keep 32′ alive and roaring in the Midlands. We cannot continue without your support.


All of our crew members are volunteers and 100% of your donations go directly to the cost of keeping 32 running.